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Korey’s Krew Board of Directors

Welcome, our board of director is a group of people ready and willing to make an impact in the lives of differently-abled youth by providing joy and friendship.

Korey Soderman (President)

Korey’s Krew was founded in the fall of 2006 by a young man named Korey Soderman. Korey is a resident of West Palm Beach, Florida. Korey was born with cerebral palsy, and has been restricted to a wheelchair all of his life. Being restricted to a wheelchair has never been an obstacle for Korey.

Sasha Peggs (Vice President, common sense)

Sasha Peggs is another member of the hockey team that has come to know and love Korey over the years. Sasha has selflessly invested his time and energy to make Korey’s Krew a successful organization. Sasha keeps Korey and Shea under control at all board meetings.

Tom Shea (Vice President – Founder)

Tom Shea is a friend of the Soderman family and has known Korey for most of his life. Kris, Tom, and their hockey team have been playing together for over 12 years. Korey is a regular at their games, and the team has adopted Korey as one of the guys. Korey has always lifted the spirits of the guys when he is around. With the desire to share Korey’s contagious spirit with other people in Korey’s position, Tom approached Kris and Wendy with the idea of starting a foundation headed up by Korey, whose mission was to help other people who are confined to a wheelchair or otherwise specially abled, to get out and have fun more often. In 2007 Korey’s Krew was officially named a 501 C3 charitable organization.

Jaret Llewellyn (Board Member – Director of Marketing)

Jaret has been a friend of the Soderman family for many years, and also plays on the hockey team that Korey enjoys watching play. Jaret’s son, Dorien attended the Ideal school. Jaret is a professional water skier. Among his incredible list of accomplishments are: 117 pro wins, 11 world records, 9 world titles, and 8 Gold Medals in the Pan American games. Jaret has been a great supporter of Korey’s Krew and has been with the organization since the start. Jaret is a creative thinker and has helped guide the organization in the right direction. For more information on Jaret, go to

Kris Soderman (Event Director)

Dr. Kris Soderman is the father of Korey and his amazing twin brother Kyle. Kris was approached by his longtime friend and hockey buddy, Tom Shea in 2006 and together with Korey the concept of Korey’s Krew was born. Kris enjoys helping Korey organizing and attending the events with Korey’s Krew.